Wednesday, May 21, 2008

open gallery

AOG Studios has been officially and unofficially in existence since 2000. Its goal is to design and produce a variety of rubber stamps to meet market needs... that pretty much means I make what I can't find anywhere else. It is also meant to be an outlet for expression for all who visit and a safe place to learn how to be creative.
A LOT of people think that they aren't creative. That they can't do anything that everyone else is doing. It's just not true and I want to help all of you who think that see that you can be/do/realize any goal you set.
We can grow together. From any stage of development you can be what ever you wish. I can always learn something new from where I am at. As I am launching this blog, i an tell you that I practised on another one. I don't know how to download images just yet. And there is a new metal etching technique that I read about and would like to try. Any bets on how satisfied I will be with my first efforts?
I hope that everyone who visits will find something to be excited about that will keep them creative.

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