Tuesday, July 5, 2011


from the artist's sketchbook
It is the latin for chocolate and its literal translation is "Food of the Gods." After doing a little research a few years back, learning how it grows and is harvested, I have a greater appreciation for this luxury.

The cacao pod at the left was supposed to be a quick sketch... a colorful doodle at lunch. But it ended up being an hour and a half at the coffee shop. It isn't even 3 inches tall. Just a little something to keep me in the art groove while I am sorting out  some personal issues.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Promise Made Promise Kept: a picture

Original ink drawing by Sherry Crocker
commemorating the 2011 Matthias Reim concert
series that she will regrettably miss due to lack of
I mentioned this was in the works a while back. And  then I mentioned that it was done. Then I promised that I would post a pic. And how many months ago was that?

Let's not look. There have been technical difficulties a-plenty.

This is so totally and completely me. Which is great since this is going to be a totally and completely one-of-a-kind shirt. I was going to wear this to a concert when I went to James' wedding. But I think the intention makes it perfectly clear that I never made it there. Stupid job! Stupid people who have rotator cuff surgery at inopportune times! [sigh] But what can you do? Gripe.
Been there. Been doing that. Got me nothing but this t-shirt design. Which is still something pretty cool.

I am so geeked about this. It is in black and white. The coloring is an accident of photography. I took everything out onto the porch in mid afternoon light and this is just what happens when you play with settings. But it has me thinking.

When I make this a t-shirt. [And I will] do I want to do a gradient on white like this? Or do I want to do this in metallic on black? Or shall I color it in with greens, golden yellow, some burnt sienna, red and a dash of violet? I do not know. I like it as it is. But I think I would like it a couple of other ways.

Its on Bristol board so I will be able to make some crisp copies and play with it before rendering my final verdict.

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