Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Now what

So I was in the game and a friend took me to see some pretty amazing re-creations other members have built. Amazing is really an understatement of epic proportions. And while tooling around the Verse I realized that I could actually build that vardo I have been dreaming about.

I realized that I could paint or stamp panels to photograph that are designed specifically to build walls of things. So now I am thinkng ahead to next Christmas and what delights I can bring into that world. if all goes according to plan there will be quite a gingerbread house, the vardo and turretted castle with parapets. Can you feel the anticipation oozing out of me?

So the time to settle the monetart concerns draws close. And in that time I will have figured out what I need to get started on my dream life. I am fairly certain that the nay-sayers have not followed me here. So in a few short weeks I should be able to articulate some of those details. I have been holding my breath for so long I am afraid I am going to pass out.

And admittedly, jumping through a few hoops to throw some off the scent. I do really hate to be so cloak and dagger, but it has become a necessity.

Now that I know what a real sugar plum is, I assure you that I will leave them out of Christmases Future. Yuck! However plums dredged in sweet crystaline goodness that shimmer under twinkling lights is DEFINATELY on the menu!!!

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