Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not Your Average Plate of Cupcakes

Here we go! Today was cake decorating day. So there is a plate of cupcake tops and bottoms waiting to get all fancy with the sprinkles. There is a tin of glitter. A tin of flocking, tubes of glitter glue and loose jars of seasonal colors. And then top right of the plate are two tubes of micro beads. Can you say non-parel boys and girls.

I'd love to wax on and on about today's art fun. But I have a farewell dinner to attend in a few hours and a nap, shower and some rooting around in the closet to do. Oh. And batteries. I've finally run down this batch of double As. I love the new camera! It is not a power hog like the old one I had. And the macro function is so much nicer.

What? You want to see the finished cards? OK. Both are for birthdays.

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