Tuesday, August 23, 2011

See... Michelle told me to be careful

So I went cruising through the Google images today. Nothing big. I just want a wall in my castle that is a tribute to my favorite German schlager artist... Matthias Reim (you know I know you guys know who it is. But the first time reader may not. So for them I spell it out). There is page after page of this guy. Sadly it's a lot of the same shots. Well long about page 58 I find a bright purple line drawing. What!?!?!

At first I was like "OMG! Someone might see that and tell him that there is fan art for him on the web!" And how cool would that be. And then my Capricorn, which has reared its ugly head lately, kicked in with a reality check... which feels more like a Reality Colonoscopy than a Reality Check, and said wait a dang minute. Okay that is not what the Capricorn said. But the Aquarius writing this doesn't know how to say it without resorting to cheap Klingon epithets. "Wait a dang minute! Who  said that Google could throw my shit into the mix for all and sundry to gander at.?!?!?!?!?!?!"

I set all of my blogs to privatize my pictures my not linking them into a picasa album. But apparently someone running information between microprocessors didn't get that 0101011110 piece of info. So now, buried on the last page of a google images albumn of matthias Reim is my line drawing. Michelle told me to imprint some identifying mark on my stuff before I put it out there. Lesson learned I guess.

I hope to God he (Matze not God) sees it and is amused, intrigued and thankful for something tasteful done in his honor. And I hope that who ever steals it and makes money on it chokes on an overpriced dinner if they don't give me credit or at least some shiny gold rocks in the form of the whatever they made with it.

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