Thursday, December 18, 2014

a drum roll please.......

So... this is the new color. My first sighting in the wild is the Winter 2015 cover of Artful Blogging by Stampington and Company. This isn't your Gramma's wine color. That was deeply maroon back in the 1970s. Marsala is muted, not very vibrant at all compared with the last 5 years.

I love the cover of the magazine. It is a restful color. The one splash of blue color hints at one of the 7 color schemes pantone has suggested for this new sensation. But....

There is always a but.

But I don't know about it. I suppose it could be a new black with its neutrality. And yet... I just don't see it being a color I am going to like in the long term. Of course I don't have to like every single color that comes along. If I did I would go mad from the choices. I just don't see it mixing with the aubergine I have been collecting. And it is only going to be Christmassy if everything else stays in white, silver and some frosty shade of blue that is nearly white.

of course I could be wrong.

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