Monday, April 23, 2012

Introducing Carl W. Roehrig
I fell in love with this artwork the moment that my eyes laid hold of it in the bookstore. For a few years I collected Tarot cards and this is one of my favorite decks. Currently it is the only deck that I am using. It is from German artist Carl W. Roehrig.

What first attracted me to the work is the expressiveness in the eyes. This is a close-up of the Hermit. What I see in the face is a little bit of Nick Mancuso, the actor who portrayed Stingray in the 1987 TV show. The face is a mask decorated with a maze like the thoughts that run through the Hermit's thoughts. The Universe is encompassed within and expressed without... I've always felt this to be the most romantic of the cards. The Hermit takes the journey along the razor's edge between humanity and spirit.

In this artist's work I get a sense of the style that I admired so much in the art of OMNI magazine. Fantasy and imagination find a tremendous degree of expression in these paintings that have always felt that other decks lack. The colors and layers of meanings suggest a sensuality that comes from being comfortable not only in one's body but in one's spirit. Of course compared with other more traditional decks this is far more sensual in subject matter. I think that has a lot to do with the blunt honesty that most German's possess. I find it in the music of Matthias Reim. And I find it here. In general I think that Europeans will call it like it is within a proper boundary... that of the journal or within artwork. Sting's lyrics are another example of that kind of internal honesty.

Roehrig has had a long career that encompasses print media as well as fine art. I strongly suggest checking out his website for the sheer joy of dancing colors and vivid imagination. I am looking forward to the 2012 calendar... if I can figure out how to buy it here in the states.

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