Thursday, February 27, 2014

Art for the Soul

In the midst of house hunting, hamstring recovery and dealing with a few personal hang ups I find that I am overly stressed right now. Gee whiz, who wouldn't be right? Well, it seems like the logical thing to do is double down and get things done. But I can't. My mind is spinning a million miles a minute and flung about a hundred hamsters off the wheel. I can't sleep with all these things in my head. So I did what we tend to do.... I picked up a brush.

Actually the first thing that I picked up was a Watercolor yearbook of sorts. It was a dollar at the Goodwill store. the BF and I were out for a few looks at places and stopped there for a break. I found this book. And then when we got back to my house and had a look at all the things that need to move I felt guilty about bringing a book into that mess. Until he said that we had to make sure that the art stuff went first. And not only does it get moved first but that he would rather it be out in the living room where it is easily accessible.

Ladies and gents.... I do not have to hide my art supplies. He'd rather look at that than the antiques. Score!

And so I am working out a watercolor. Just for something to do. It helped to have the Watercolor yearbook for inspiration. But the other thing that helps is this damn blasted long Winter. I need some colors. I need some brightness.

And I need to have some way to relax. And that is what art is. A way for us to relax. I've been thinking of art for profit for so long that I forget about art for the sake of art, for the sake of the soul. And that is why we do art.

Art for the soul.....

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