Monday, July 18, 2016

Gotta Love Creative Market

I signed on to Creative Market to get free fonts. I am looking forward to making money again so that I can buy some of the font bundles. There are amazing things here for font geeks & foundry freaks. More than fonts, there are digital packs for a huge variety of illustrative elements. I just whipped this up with today's free download.
it's a bit busy bit you get the idea
Haarlems cursive font and Es Kalapa Muda at the border

Every Monday the Market offers 6 free downloads. Last week I hit the jack pot 5 out of 6 offers pertained to my interest. Today's yield gave me three things in my style. Restraint is difficult to achieve with these guys. There are literally thousands of graphic designers making things to make it easier for you to make things. 

And lots of information. 
I linked to the blog page for Creative Market because I have been reading the backlog of articles all week. The information is astounding. And I can not wait to get started on my new ventures. Though productivity is going to be an issue as I keep drooling over all of the goodies that these designers have to offer. 

It's been a hard two years for the art work. I realized this a while back. As with all things though, sometimes you have to step back and find your direction again. I can get crazy making things across a very wide spectrum of mediums. Reigning that in and figuring out what exactly I am going to do with all of the skills I have and which direction is the most fulfilling requires time. And I guess that is what I have been doing for the last two years that the art production has been low. 

It will still be a while before I know how and in which direction to progress. In the meantime I am indulging my love of typeface and enjoying the ease with which Windows lets me install those fonts. And as always, PicMonkey is right there making life so much easier.

Long live Pic Monkey and Creative Market!

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