Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How I Would Have Liked to Spend My Winter Vacation

It seems that I have damnable luck when it comes to taking time off. If my car doesn't get flattened in my brothers driveway then the plans go so far south that penguins get confused. Though, to be fair, the best vacation I ever took was with my boyfriend to Marquette and Tequomenon Falls in the U.P. We had some interesting road conditions. But it was absolutely lovely to be there with him and make new memories. So they do not always go the way this one did.
I had planned to spend the entire week in my game world, exploring, building and trying to catch up with my Hungarian friend. His XP levels are tremendously high for having been in world for so short a time. I had also planned to update my youtube playlists to preserve what little German music I have been allowed. The first day of vacation something was amiss. I was able to be on but I kept losing the connection. On the second day it was gone. A saboteur destroyed the mounting bracket for our complex. No Internet. FOR THE WHOLE VACATION!!! Since I was cat sitting (and still am) I got no painting done either. I can handle furry acrylic helpers. But with watercolours there is no way those two were getting near me!

So yesterday, to relax after a week of raw nerves and hellish room counts in the hotel, I spent the day in the game building things in my marine setting. And this is one of the things that I made. Using six props from the editor and applying just two textures from my photo stash, I built this station in the living area. It was inspired by some balconies in photos of Paris and Barcelona.

The marine room is starting to feel rather steam punky. I love it. The color scheme and theme that I have chosen feels a little limited at times. But with a good solid base applied uniformly to the walls and floors, the accessories can go in a lot of different directions. And with a seafaring theme, under or above water options are always open.

I still love my Wintergarten. But I think that the Christmas decorations changed it. I may have to keep the garden a holiday free zone. The castle worked out fine with the seasonal touches. But there is already a lot going on in the conservatory. It didn't really need more.

Well.... off to plan the next few paintings. I will soon be cat free and the table will be mine again.

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