Thursday, December 25, 2008

This was an absolute blast. I used the spray paint functions to make this tree. And I like it. Alot! This is definately going to be a custom stamp for next year. A little white puffy paint and fine glitter for snowfall on the branches and it'll be a nice simple card I can produce for next year.

Now if only I can muster the courage to post that invitaion to my facebook friends. I could be swamped with tons of requests for cards through out the year or I might be listening to the crickets. Of course the real fear is that in asking people to sign up to receive cards I will fail to send any. It has been really hard to get into the regular encouragement mood since I don't feel like I am qualified to encourage.

Maybe you don't need great big gobs of gooey enthusiasm to tell people you appreciate them. Lately that seems like the only time I feel any confidence that anyone is listening. of course that isn't true... encouragement can be given anytime, in any circumstance. And it hasnt escaped my attention that I need to get away from the people who insist that I put all this foolishness away. I'm just a bit befuddled and uncertain... nothing new.

Yet another attempt with the paint program in this app. It is about the way i figured it would turn out even though I was hoping for something more like Hansson's smooth lines. But then again, this silly computer doesn't like to let me move in long gracefull straight lines, short cursor pad.
Still it has it's charm. It evokes the mood I was hoping for. It will go well with the other holiday images I have designed in the past with an eye toward future combos... its just that... its rather Charlie Brownish.

I bought Enya's new CD "And Winter Came". The liner notes have the latin to one of my mom's favorite Chrsitmas songs. The great thing about it is that it gave me a chance to play with the limited typography apps on my laptop. This is the phrasing for the design I am drafting... my own stained glass window.

I've been drooling over Michelle's for so long, but I just couldn't really figure out what my window had to say. Then the song with the latin words and the concept of blended holidays that I have been wrestling with this year seemed to say shut up and rejoice. So my window shut up and got happy. Now if only I could find my non reproducing graph paper (the real reason I am sorting)... and the steady hand to actually draft a piece of architecture... I'd be all set.

Obviously i still have a thing or two to learn about drafting designs in this program. There shouldn't be that much white space under the text. And I thought I had cleared it all up... oh well.

So the move is truncated

The move turned out to be a big bust. However, much has been moved around. Currently performing the painful task of organizing and sorting my treasures. It somehow feels like I've been counting my money before the dealing is done. But i have to do it. There will still be an official move as brother is selling the house... can't be helped. But everything is snowed in/over/under and nothing is happening in the "real" world. The good news is that all this clean up has made me eager to play with my toys again. Then a gain it could be the holiday vacation I have had. Three days off! Yeah!

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