Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Time out!

Friends, moving day is finally here! Well.... the last day of moving day is finally here. And for the next week I doubt there will be much posting here since I will be unloading my personal effects and trying to establish a working studio.

It would have been done last week but we had mold in the basement. The landlord has been very conscientious about tending to the issue. And I feel confident that we will have no further issues with spores or colonies.

I promise to take lots of pictures and....

I have project that I am working on the celebrate this monumental year of my life. 6degrees of Geekdom turns 5 in May. This blog turns 5 shortly after that. And I have a thing going on with purple shades right now so I suspect there will be a series coming.

and I still have that Eszett project in the works.

Maybe you should give me two weeks before you start wondering where I am.

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