Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A request

I do not know why my art blog is getting so much attention from referral site spam bots. Blogspot says it is because I have been showing up in the search engines for some reason. It is nice to see that there are people looking at my stuff... for my stuff. Whatever. But it is annoying to think that all the interest is just a computer randomly linking up to my pages. So I ask you all this....

If you are a real person. If you really have read a post or oohed and aahed over some picks posted here, would you do me a favor and let me know. Even a smiley emoticon in the comments would be helpful. Of course I would love praises =] But right now... let's just stick with acknowledgement of YOUR real and continued existence.

I'm in a spot right now where I am wondering if any of the blogging means anything to anyone but me.

But I still insist that we keep scribbling!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!!

Yes I know I mentioned it before.** And while it seems tacky to spend a week celebrating your birthday on your own blog... well I don't care. I've committed to celebrating things instead of complaining (or even saying things that could be construed as a complaint). And this spread is DEFINITELY worth celebrating.

You see before you 25.00 price tag of 60.00 worth of art supplies from a big box store.

Yes folks. You heard right. 60.00 for only 25.00!

The paint tube is my favorite design idea as applied to marketing. Those tubes of paint are packaged in a plastic paint can just like house paint. My other favorite one was the Gel milky pens that were packaged in bulk in the milk chug style bottles circa 2002.

The array of supplies came in a promotional kit that must have masqueraded as an easy Christmas gift idea for that hard to buy for crafter in one's life. I'd gone because I needed some canvases to work out some ideas on. And for the same price as the 4 pack of canvases with a shallower profile, I got the kit with all those extra goodies.

Whooooooooo Hooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and promptly started four paintings for a grouping...

and got painted into a corner...

gotta get into the groove.

**two posts back. So here is a pic.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Art & Life

This week, being the birthday week, I treated myself to some nice things in the kitchen. Lamb shoulder for one. And these precious, sweet mangoes for two. The local grocer had them for a 1.00 each. So I got three. The pit is so large there just isn't that much on the inside.
And when I got home I saw that Mango Sunrise from a few years ago....

Art meet life. Life meet Art.

And I guess that is the thing with me right now. I need the art. We all do. To live in the dreary blandness of poverty is to condemn oneself to it forever. Each ray of hope that we can give ourselves and each other is a bit of hope that helps us pull ourselves out of whatever quagmire we find ourselves in.

As was said, "Art washes away the dust of everyday living."

And as I heard recently, "Blogging is graffiti with punctuation." So if this be graffiti.... scribble on!

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