Friday, November 29, 2013

And we're back

Some how after getting the 'puter back life got away from me. No worries. It didn't take this long to debug. Just life.... So while I was gone, we began holiday prep, did some Holiday baking, had two holidays: Thanksgiving & Dr. Who 50th Anniversary, a birthday [Happy Birthday Matthias Reim], the inaugural game night, a freakishly poorly planned trip to vacate storage... in a blizzard, blistering cold weather, began a new blog, kitchen organizing to begin.

Notice I didn't say to finish. I am hoping to get that under my belt before game night number two in which we maybe play Killer Bunnies™ or Gloom™. In either case I am hoping that Monday is a baking day with a good friend and that the whole process is easier with things in their new homes and  that we can get some more mileage out of a poorly planned pantry.

Poorly planned seems to be a theme. We'll just pretend we don't notice okay?
Yes.... Dr. Who constitutes a holiday.

Game night involved making dinner for 6, playing Apples to Apples and Jell-O shots because we are adults... kinda. I think we are all secretly 12 years old because being an adult with the frustrating "stuck in the middle" blues is not the best way to be an adult. It was fun to kinda be 12 again. And even more fun to conspire to regularly visit our twelve year old selves. Hey, something has to make these stupid grown up messes easier to handle.

Yeah... three trips to empty the storage unit. When the plans were made the forecast was mild. The morning of the move we awoke to blizzard warnings and finished the last load just as the worst of the blowing and snowing began. Lots of cars in the ditch, people crashing public transportation, fish-tailing and assorted consequence of a poorly planned pre-Winter snowfall.

The result, this is the mess I have to figure out:

Um... yes, because managing two blogs is so friggin easy, I've started another one. This one is at Wordpress. For reasons hashed out here. And because I know I can most easily organize the topics under the heading of Amateur Germanologist with the Wordpress format. Not to mention the connectivity Wordpress offers.

Lest all this activity make you think that there won't be any art, no worries. I found lots more tucked into just about every box I've opened so far.

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