Sunday, January 22, 2012

In progress...

So as orded, I spent some time doing things that I really like to do. Not that I really need to be TOLD what to do. But it is sometimes good to remind me that there are other things besides what is in my head. There was a great deal at one of my favorite stores in which I got free paint, free textures and a couple of free brushes for buy a four pack of canvases at the same sale price as a different set of four packs. Cool. All that for one low price of 15.00 Cha! Ching!

So I came home to play. A set of four fruits. Pomegrante, Pear, Plum and ... please tell me there is a fruit that starts with P that is more inspiring than a persimmon. Peach? H..... we'll see. At any rate, the start of the project is going well. I have a couple of hang ups.

For one. I have to rely on my paint mixing skills because there are only 6 tubes of acrylic. And I've never really been keen on that. I'd rather opeb a tube close to what I want than to have to start from scratch. Oh well!

And for two, I am not patient. The textures take longer to dry. Getting to the next stage of painting is not as quick even though I am working all four at a time. But it is fun. I've not worked with teture paints as a base for my work. So this is quite an adventure. The pear is turning out rather well. The plum is going to take some time. And the pomegrante... well... we'll see.

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