Thursday, February 6, 2014

Digital Collage

I love that I can take a bunch of stuff off the computer and edit it with picmonkey. As I am playing with these settings I am thinking about how to achieve the same kinds of looks with the inks and paints that I have on hand.
And then getting a little depressed that I am moving soon and do not exactly have that all hashed out yet. It's a daunting thing to think about even with a helping network in place. But it is motivation to be proactive instead of waiting around for the right answers to fall into place. 

New Collage: New Technique

So here's something that I learned while playing around with picmonkey.....
I can stretch or squish letters. After you have the wording, the color and the blend mode set you can use the shift + cursor  to stretch or squish your letters. It gives the text a distortion that you don't normally get.

Edit your overlays by holding the shift key and grabbing the sides of your box and pulling in one direction or the other. Thanks for the heads up

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

die Libelle

And we're back to the digital arts:
using the free images from the British Library archives recently released to the public.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Swatches: Byzantine Colors

Apparently they are the in thing these days. I find them all over Pintrest. I have to admit, I love picking up paint samples and letting the colors seep into my soul.

Since the interest in Byzantine art is rekindled and I've been drooling over the Alhambra and Constantinople (Istanbul.... Yep. The song is in my head too.) I decided to make a swatch of the bold, beautiful colors used in mosaics and iconic paintings of the Byzantine Empire.

All the tedious research can be done here. If you have the National Geographic magazine from 1983 you are a few steps ahead of the curve, especially if you got to keep the map. Otherwise there is inspiration to be found right here.

The pun is just a bit of extra fluff.

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