Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rememberance: poppy pods

Poppies, as I have mentioned before, symbolize remembrance. Since I have added them to the peacock theme I decided that I would get some of Michelle Ward's new stencils. I always love her stuff. And I've been waiting for these be up for sale for a while. And then... BAZINGA! They were available for pre-order around Thanksgiving. They came today. And this is the first thing that I made with them. I've had the scroll from Tim Holtz for a while... about a year.
Since I have not been in a regular studio for almost 3 years now, it's been hard to crank out the projects that I really love to do. Of course I have had the chance to improve my watercolor skills while everything else has been sitting in storage. And I do love the watercolors. But these kinds of projects go faster. And I do love fast projects.
The stencil projects that Michelle does at involve spray paints and tons of layers, sometimes with stamping and sometimes with texture paste. She even made herself a spray booth so she could go hog wild with it. I'll settle for the stipple brushes from Toybox (which, sadly, I don't think is still around) and the huge collection of dye inks that I have. Which means a trip to storage to get the rest of them!
Below you'll find a step by step tutorial for how I used the stencils. 
STEP ONE: apply two colors of dye ink
to the Tim Holtz scroll stencil.
STEP TWO: lay the poppy stencil over
the scroll pattern.
STEP THREE: apply two colors dye ink
to the poppy stencil with the stipple
STEP FOUR: with the poppy stencil
still in place, layer the dotted stencil
over the first.
STEP FIVE: edge the entire page with
dye ink, stencil the edges and brush the
colors over the center to cover the white.
STEP SIX: apply tissue tape to the edges
and write message with a micron pen.


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