Thursday, September 4, 2008

Violet and Green: opposing compliments

First, yea me I figured out how to make the image part of the post! Second, forgive the hotspot please. I am not so adept with the webcam and the digicam is coming.
This is a sample from the AOG Studios line. The designs are mine and so far, I haven't sold these particular images to anyone else. Of course, economics being what they are, who knows what state the catalog will be in within a few months.
This card uses the papyri motif I designed about 10 years ago. It's one of my favorites for backgrounds, versatile, easy to layer and lends itself well to color blends. Here it is a tone on tone treatment that sets of the main body well.
The jar is similar to the evryday earthen vessels used throughout the mid East and Mediteranean Sea. The bird motif is adapted from an Egyptian painting in a Pharoh's tomb. I don't rememebr who's. it isn't important who so much as that the everyday thing is emblazoned with the regalia of the elite. Nothing this fancy would ever have been used for commoners. And, in my spirit of rebellion, I've just done what I damn well please.
Everyone should have something beautiful to look at every day. Rich poor or any where in bewtween.

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