Friday, September 26, 2014

Still Learning Macro

While galavanting around the grounds of our public library, I found a tree of maple seeds that were just turning from green to dried up brown. While I struggled with the wind to get the cluster to hold still I made a discovery with the macro setting on my camera. The trick to a good macro had eluded me for a long time. Now I get it. And I have been looking for things to get good close ups and practice the technique. 

Foraging for mushrooms is a great opportunity. I only wish that what we found had been edible. It was either not a good species or past its prime. How annoying. Still, there were plenty of photographic opportunities.

One of my favorites is the copper fern. That was almost already in 3D from my perspective. The lighting after the rain before the sun came out seemed to make everything stand out in relief. This fern was in a sea of green ferns so it had an advantage to standing out. It was gorgeous. 

The coral fungus, which would have been edible if I had seen it a week or two earlier is only about 3 inches tall in real life. In the photo it looks like it could have been a lot bigger... thank you macro. 

And the failure in the group... the lone wild blueberry. It was the only stem of berries I saw. And it was the only berry. For whatever reason the leaves are sharp and well defined but the berry is out of focus. It's almost as if I didn't let the camera adjust and snapped it too early... which is what normally happens.

The maple seeds were from the library trip. THAT is a great photo. I'm still trying to figure out how to duplicate those results. 

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