Sunday, May 22, 2011


Working on personal crest. This weekend turned out to be very good for that sort of thing. I spent the day on the porch drawing things that just seemed to flow into the concept. It was a good day. Fresh air, shade and warm enough weather to be in the shade.

I am realizing though that it is going to take a while to get a finished product. I haven't drawn in so long that the gears in my brain are kinda rusty.

But at any rate there is the crest sitting in front of a banner. The ink pen is the rod the banner hangs on which drips an exemplar of my own artsy writing style. The sun above the parapetted crest is a clock and compass rose. I haen't quite decided what I am going to do about hte tassels on the banner. But they will represent my jewelery hobby. I've filled in parts of the sheild with symbols indicating my interests and character. I am thinking about something florid in the background but it may be that there is enough going on here already.

Though I am still uncertain of all those sun rays......

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