Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coming Soon: ezsett typograohic project

Of course now that I have gotten set up to work in my little room there is an opportunity to move back into a house with enough space for a studio of the caliber I've had in the past. So, while I am packing and moving and unpacking and stocking the new studio, I leave you with a teaser for the mini project that I am working on.

Water color on 96#/160g weight Royal & Langnickel paper

Monday, March 11, 2013

Ice Breakers

The kind of proposals I like...

make it easier for my introverted nature to talk about the cool things that I do. I've been keeping up with the promotional tour that Matthias Reim is doing for his upcoming concert tour & he reminds me of something that Michelle always tells me: if you are excited about what you do others will be excited too. I admire people who put themselves out there. I envy the people who put themselves out there. Matthias Reim is a rock star. I doubt that little dynamo needs something to break the ice when he meets new people. I do.

There have been enough random incidents while I have been out and about, painting at a table somewhere, that have taken me by surprise. I've bee asked so many times, "Do you have a card?" No card.

How will I ever get anywhere if I am not prepared when the Universe surprises me with it's favor by dropping something totally awesome into my lap? How many of those people who walked away without my card could have been a connection to something greater? I could have had a show by now. I could have had some commission work. Does that mean that it will never happen now?

By no means. Those experiences have taught me to be prepared. So I placed an order with www.moo.com. The sample cards last year were great. But I needed to work on the presentation part from my end, learn to take better photos & decide how I wanted to represent myself. So I figured it out. Placed an order and when I finally tore through the nearly child proof shipping package & opened that perfect little white jewel box...

There were 100 mini cards waiting for me. Tucked into a shiny little Mylar envelope the swivel case in which to carry them. And for the full sized business cards there was a matte finished black box the size of a cigarette pack but only half as thick. Each piece of this order screams "Great Customer Care!"

I love these guys. I love that I have some ice-breaking tools. Because I can print every single card with a different image if I want to, I don't have to explain my work. I can show it. These cards are a mini portfolio that speaks so much more confidently than I have been able to so far. Who knows... with these little gems in my hand, some of that moo confidence might rub off on me.

This is the whole kit & kaboodle.  They swivel open, dispense easily and I can clip the mini case to my purse or car keys. They will go anywhere. Which means that they can go everywhere that I don't always have access to. These cards are keepers. Thick stock, rich finish and of course... stunning artwork, these last a lot longer than the cards you could buy elsewhere for a lot less to get a lot more cards. But... do you really get more for so little money? We'll see.

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