Tuesday, February 10, 2015


It's my thing these days.
While things are all tucked up in storage I am playing with the tools that I have at hand. Tools and subjects. I've also been toying with the idea that I would leave off of art for a while and write. It's hard to do everything that I like to do and still make a living.

Honestly it is hard to do anything and make a living these days. Grief is rather closer than I like and gets in the way every time I sit down to do anything creative. Usually grief and other such high emotions make great fodder for art.

Granted, there has to be a cool down period, a chance to let things settle in the mind and heart so that you can concentrate and not be distracted by all the things that run through your head. The grief is still fresh enough that picking up the old tools isn't sufficient for keeping everything at bay. So there is this....

Learning better blog photography though online articles and then playing with effects in post takes enough concentration that I can start to forget the things that plague me. 

She's a great companion. But she isn't mine so her helpfulness is a bit limited where I am concerned. 

She has quite an intelligent face doesn't she. Sometimes I think that she sees through everything. And I wish that she could tell me what it is that she sees.

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