Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A break in the Hiatus

One would hope with a new post that I would have amazing photos of new studio space. I do not. I am writing here to ask again, for those of you who visit, you real LIVE persons, to comment on something. I don't care what language it is in. Just make a comment. Here's why.

I am having issues with the referring sites in my stats again. It would seem there are always new phishing schemes and I am currently being inundated with the latest one. Several bloggers are having trouble with one in particular. While it is not safe to clink the link, nor tell you who is doing the phishing, the mystery of how many real hits v. phish bites this site gets continues. The only way I  know of to know for sure what sites are really directing traffic here is for someone to leave a comment. I know that Angel Sullivan is real because I subscribe to her blog. But beyond that... it is a mystery.

Really do not care if you love it, hate or would leave it for a younger, hipper blog. I just want to know that you exist. So please. Leave a comment. Even if it is only a couple of letters or a smiley face.

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