Saturday, January 11, 2014

Creating textures

Well back home to play with the paints. Digital paints anyway. Picmonkey added the color canvas feature to the basic abilities menu and now it's "Build Your Own Texture" time. As I wrote on the other blog about a very special Christmas event for me (and millions of others who tuned into BBC and BBC-A) I've been inspired by the color Tardis Blue. As you can see.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Yes, 2014 will bring you more digital art. Picmonkey was a great find. Another great find might make posting a rare occasion for the foreseeable near future. I love blogging and I feel really weird when I don't do it. 2014 has also brought a new relationship so there will be a period of adjusting that into the regular folds of my life.

The biggest lesson from 2013 must carry on into 2014 and beyond. And I want to remind all of you of that lesson.

Be Yourself! Be your most authentic self that you can be. Make no apologies. Allow no one to dictate to you who you are and who you are meant to be. Of all the compromises that you will make in your life let this not be one of them. Accept no substitute interests. Subvert no intention to another's will.
Be Who you are with Grace & without Guilt. Fly the banner of your own design and those who recognize its symbolism will find you and incorporate you into a larger group. Being a geek is more mainstream now than it ever was; more mainstream than it will ever be again. We are able to find each other now and build the relationships that even our most introverted brethren crave.
There is no reason to be less than you are. None. NONE. Anyone who would subjugate you under their standard of what is and is not acceptable (beyond moral codes of course) must be cut from your life as ballast is dropped from a hot air balloon. Be yourself and be truly free.

Yes, friends, it will still take a while to get to that social group that you know is out there. Yes, there will be a period where you will feel like you are sitting through the longest dark tea time of your soul. The table is set and no one is there to share it with you. Fear not. They will come.

Through yourself into the things that you enjoy. Hold nothing back from yourself. And eventually you will find your tribe, or it will find you. And this is where true happiness lies. We make ourselves miserable making others happy in conforming to their style. Let them find their own authentic people and let you find yours.

And let's make 2014 the Year that we Truly embrace Who We Are!

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