Monday, March 3, 2014

as they say.....

Playing with picmonkey again, this time with the pics I took at Fred Meijer park. 

Welcoming Spring

or rather, praying Mom Nature gets over her crazy phase and gets to some warm weather and focusing on bright things hoping that helps boost mood and dispel the cold.

While foraging with the BF I found the only book in BAM on the subject of Dale Chilhuly. For a nominal price I splurged and got yet another book that I have to move. But it is small and colorful and full of these fun Persians.

These are so very inspiring. You might recognize these from the trip to Fred Meijer With Picmonkey I am able to really bring out the experience of being there and seeing these gems in person rather than rely on my not so skilled photography.

I've plastered Pintrest with them too.

Today is a day for paint and working out the mojo. I've got to move and I've got to sort some things out, look at a few places and keep some things in mind. When the BF came over to survey the collection of junk in the basement the first thing that he told me is that the art studio goes in the living room no matter where we are. No. Matter. What. He's rather look at my supplies and have me paint while he is crafting with his tools in the kitchen instead of locked away in another room somewhere.

Do you know when the last time was that I heard that?

I think this one gets it. I knew that I got a good feeling about him for a reason. But little by little I am finding the substance behind the feeling.

Time for another coffee and some paint before then next showing.

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