Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Another reason to get on Photoshop

Editing this without Photoshop was painful. Apparently I no longer have the cool fonts in Paint. Yeah... time for an upgrade. On the upside of frustration... The final card design is done!!!!!!!!!!

Though there was some final editing in the www.moo.com browser.  The blue outline and the last line of the sentiment are missing. It looks great either way. And the words are a bit redundant. I tend to get wordy.

But I saw that book at Horizon about programmed brushes and ways to apply filters to them.... I see so many possibilities in my head and I want to get to it.

But in the meantime: This year's Christmas card is done!!! And I am selling them. 3.00 each or a dozen for 20.00.

Private messege me at facebook and we'll hook you up with gorgeous cards from moo.com

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