Monday, September 8, 2014

Photos and Sketches

Spent the morning at the library with the BF. He did his homework and I spent the morning taking pictures for the Unintended Tour photos. During the shoot I came across a smallish maple dripping heavily with the clusters of helicopter seeds. No better time to practice with the macro setting. 

It was a slightly windy day so there was a a lot of waiting. And while I was waiting for the clusters to quit swinging the camera focused in the macro setting and presto-westo! A perfect macro shot. 

Then there was this gem of a cluster in pink. It took a few minutes to get them to be still but I got my shot. 

Of course there  was still some time to kill. So I sat down across from the BF and started sketching. Totally ruined two micron pens to make it happen. Of course, they were old and weren't going to last much longer anyway. 

And the final result.....

Something totally blog worthy. :)

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