Sunday, January 13, 2013

Doodle Seascape Poppies

I used Michelle's frond and poppy stencils to layout a kind of color book page. Just something to occupy some time while I am frustrated with the large peacock I'm working on. Just the frond and the poppy outlined in black. Something simple.

Thought stained glass. Then as I stared at it long enough I was thinking that I would just play with shades of my two favorite colors in combination: green and violet. So I started laying in the poppy pods and realized that there seemed to be alien head shapes to them. For whatever reason alien head lead me to think undersea creature. The frond looked a little seaweedy so....

After the frond and poppy colors went down I needed to do something for a background. I scrapped my original stained glass blue sky idea. Which would have given me more vertical lines & I hadn't grounded the stems. So I laid in the horizontal "sand" and "waves", kept some bubbles for white areas. I seem to forget to leave white areas fairly often.

Then just laid in shades of blue, green, and the raw sienna for the sand. All told it was an easy project that would have taken me about 3 hours of normal time. But I was also making egg salad with my new microwave egg cooker. Real food! yea! With the interruptions it took about 5 hours.

Funny thing about this piece. I was just doodling. Playing with a new toy. And when it was done thought... I'll throw this up on facebook anyway. and boy is it kinda popular.

Does this mean that I am still underestimating myself? Or do I get so wrapped up in a concept that it is hard for me to see things any other way?

The great thing about this is that it is practice. The much needed practice I told my therapist that I needed because I have been so out of it with things in storage. I have shown transparency with the overlapping leaves. And that is something that was throwing off the peacock. I think that I will have to scrap that one start over again and see what I can do with the remnants of a failed concept. And I think that this one might go to cafepress... don't know what I would call it though....

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