Monday, July 28, 2008

Beading away...

I made my trip to Honor and Beulah for stones and findings. (See 6 degrees blog for details) In the stones that got my attention, I see that I am heading for the paler shades of blue. For the last few years its been the deep blue green and purple colors that have pulled at me. Last year I headed toward pinks with some beautiful agates. But this year, I'm heading toward pale blue. I don't know exactly what stone I found but it is milky blue and rather "haunted" looking.

I don't know how a color can be haunted but it is.

The colors on the blog reflect what has been my palette for some time now. I haven't really gotten away from it. In this area where I need to be aware of other people's likes and dislikes I have to have an expanded spectrum.

When these things happen I tend to look to the mystical interpretation of colors to see what is happening. Pink means the heart is softening its edges and opening up to others. Pale blue is a new one. I don't know what it means... yet.

New chokers and anklets will be on the way.

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