Thursday, December 25, 2008

This was an absolute blast. I used the spray paint functions to make this tree. And I like it. Alot! This is definately going to be a custom stamp for next year. A little white puffy paint and fine glitter for snowfall on the branches and it'll be a nice simple card I can produce for next year.

Now if only I can muster the courage to post that invitaion to my facebook friends. I could be swamped with tons of requests for cards through out the year or I might be listening to the crickets. Of course the real fear is that in asking people to sign up to receive cards I will fail to send any. It has been really hard to get into the regular encouragement mood since I don't feel like I am qualified to encourage.

Maybe you don't need great big gobs of gooey enthusiasm to tell people you appreciate them. Lately that seems like the only time I feel any confidence that anyone is listening. of course that isn't true... encouragement can be given anytime, in any circumstance. And it hasnt escaped my attention that I need to get away from the people who insist that I put all this foolishness away. I'm just a bit befuddled and uncertain... nothing new.

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