Monday, February 23, 2009

Solar Plexis

I probably shouldn't explain too much of the work. Explainations may lessen some of the awesome, but then again, for those of you who are here to see how art is put together, translated by the artist or for inspiration, if I don't point out a few things then you've wasted a trip.

I have always loved the fleur de lis motif. I don't know why. I know it is the symbol of French Kings, persons for whom I have no use and less respect. Although, I like them more than Henry8. As I said, the french king's symbol, Le Roi, the sun kings. With all the gold dripped throughout their palaces it may have been fitting in an artistic sense.

The Solar Plexis is about Identity and in some respect our accomplishments. The vessel is classically called the Trophy Urn. I didn't know that before I chose it. It just felt right. Sorry. But sometimes that's how art goes. Its 90% inspiration and 10% conscious choice. And, in some cases there is an extra 5% to accomodate puns, riddles and humor. I entertain myself quite often by connecting dots. In this case Language and Art.

"Sol" is Latin for our sun. Yes, our sun has a name. Our planet has a name in latin too, Terra. So sol is the basis for solar and related to all things attached to solar; flare, panel, rays, winds. In the latin existential concepts, the solar plexis covers the abdominal region because they considered this area the seat of the sun within man. Take a direct hit here and you can't breathe. Without that breath you die. The sun keeps the solar system alive so the solar plexis was thought to be where the source of life is in man. Talk about anthropomorphism. And thus yellow is the proper color for this chakra. The obvious color. But what is not so obvious is what I learned about myself.

I have despised the color yellow for most of my life. It'll never be a staple in my wardrobe as it washes me out. But I wondered about the aversion I had to this color.Then suddenly it started leaking into my other work. And as we learned about this chakra, I understood... the solar plexis is the self. By the time I added the flower, representing the healed and whole chakra, I was happy happy and loving what came out.

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