Sunday, March 28, 2010


Do you ever click on the tab on the header that says next blog just to see what all is out here on the wwweb? About a week ago, after we met a new follower to the Geekdom blog, I went for a joy ride in the blogosphere and found two more blogs that I really enjoy. I haven't listed them on the right hand column where you find Wil and my friend Michelle. They are on my Blogs I Follow list on my dashboard. Both of them focus on anthropolgy. And I am following them here because they are recently tackling topics which I am trying to define for myself.

Archive Five and Eidetic Illuminations are very good. Both of these guys are students and they are trying to figure out what work is and why we do what we do. I answered a survey on Archive 5 which led me to Eidetic Illuminations. I went because his answer to the survey was so intriguing. That led me to post an answer to his question "What is work?" And.... we still have no clear cut answer beyond what Webster's would classify. Though there is a physics equation that I would like to cram down someone's throat.

Click on the next blog button sometime and see what you find. It is an amazing world out there and each of us has a part in its representation and creation. Yes, this should have been on the geekdom blog. I realize that now that I am looking at the labels for this post. [headdesk: need more coffee]

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