Monday, September 19, 2011

Could this BE the new F r i e n d s ?

It would seem that almost everyone on my facebook friends list watches Castle. And I wonder, as my friend little sarah and I were texting back and forth even though we live in the same building... could this be the new friends?

When NBC ran Friends, those of us who were tight in our little group and enjoyed the show stopped the world for Friends. We got subs from TOGOs in the villiage or pasties from nextdoor and hunkered down for the night. And now, as the 4th season is set to open in less than 15 MINUTES! we are all a chatter with talk of getting all and sundry together for a viewing. It's kinda like Friends night but on a Monday at ABC and there is no clapping along with the theme song. Oh and its 10 pm instead of the earlier 8:30 ish.

Still.... how much fun would it be to have Castle nights? It would kinda be like David Hewlett's date night* but without the crying and the red wine.

Well gotta go. Soup's on. Literally. It's Bear Creek Cheddar potato with ham bits and extra cheese on top with a hearty dash of black pepper and garlic.

*David Hewlett is single-handedly responsible for at least three viewers. He tweeted about Castle and it being the date night goto plan. And I checked it out and was hooked. I brought at least 2 people aboard the Castle train. Way to go Hewlett. And Nate... if you see him at a Con  try to remember that he really isn't Rodney and thank him instead of punching him... even if that's what we want to do to Rodney. Thanx.

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