Monday, February 20, 2012


So the other day my friend Sarah sent me the link to the form to submit art for a local show season. They are juried and I have a low opinion of juried shows. Rather a low opinion of the hope of selection. Now this morning I wake up to find another invitation. This one is for a show in Montana as a fundraiser for a semi-private school. Maybe a charter school. To be honest I do not know much other than my oldest "kid" sent it too me.

Is this a sign? I think so. And I've decided that since I do not have to be in Montana for the show. It is probably the safest way for me to send my stuff out and not have all those stupid editors in my head tell me how much my stuff is crap. If it sells it sells. If it does not then I'll let Jess keep it if she wants it.

Is it the Hope to End All Hope? Nahhh. Oh sure it would be nice if her kid went to school with some artsy big shot who likes my stuff so much that I get a licensing deal out of it. But that is sooooo far out of the realm of possibility it would be unrealistic to expect that. And more than a little heart breaking if it didn't happen.

So I send in forms and then I deal with the rest of my life as if this is just another thing. And really... it is just another thing.

I am an artist and I want to sell stuff so this is just "what I do". No biggie. It's like SG-1 steppin' out in the Stargate. Just another day. Wake up, have some fruit loops, screw up a planets sun, fix it, come home and have some jello.  Meh.

All things are possible when I quit telling myself they are not.

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