Sunday, February 19, 2012


Friends meet Phaelen. Phaelen meet my friends.

This is a phaelenopsis orchid. And thus the name Phaelen. I know... not very original. But hey! When the name strikes it sticks.

Anyway. I bought this for myself on Valentines Day. I've been needing a new studio mate, one that breathes anyway. Apparently it is important to have living things to take care of while you are relearning to take care of yourself. Anyone remember that Sandra Bullock movie? Yeah. So does my therapist. And why did I chose a temperamental plant like an orchid?

I suppose I could have cheated and stacked the deck in my favor with an easy care thing like a fern or cactus. But I like the orchid faces. These remind me of dragons.

I had an orchid a couple of years ago. And then there was a cold snap and I couldn't keep the thing warm enough. Hell, I couldn't even keep myself warm enough. Then I got another one from a friend. It was pretty. But it was not a sturdy plant to start with. And the stark lighting in the house I lived in didn't help. So I am hoping that Phaelen will outlast Gomer and the Unnamed Orchid.

He is a cheery little thing. It was nice to see these happy little faces in the window as I was coming home from work today.

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