Friday, March 23, 2012

Past Time

I've been sitting in limbo for months trying to fix a few things that have gotten out of hand. It looks like that is going well. It is not a perfect solution. But it is a solution. And so... it is beyond time to move forward. I need to be prepared for what comes next. But I also need to be prepared to seize opportunities. That can not happen if I an hunkered down under the covers. Yes. I've made signs. Yes I've done some painting.

But I am not doing it every day. And I need to. I see so many wonderful new products that my friend has designed and my fingers itch. I keep trying to temper that with "Wait Wait" but they itch. I need to make things. I'm excited and scared at the same time. But I am getting hung up o nthe fear. I do not like that. The dormant period has to end. How long can you mull things over?

I probably distract myself with too much that isn't art. And I know that I can not do all that much with the rambunctious Picaso (I changed her name. Not that she ever listened to me anyway) running willy nilly over my table and leaving footy prints...

hang on: phone

of course if work would quit begging me to bail people out all the time. And If I knew how to say no. I might get stuff done.

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