Tuesday, October 16, 2012


India ink, watercolor, Radiant Pearls on Bristol paper.
This was the most fun I've had in studio in a long time. The rendering phase was difficult. Structurally correct, it seemed flat. When I added color I could see where the issues were. And for a  change, it turned out that I didn't have enough black in the drawing to balance out all the white areas that would get color.

And it really needed some landscaping. Like all good homes, curb appeal is key to a sale.

Now, I am not normally a cake person. I love to look at them. The skill it takes to render a 3d object in edible materials just dumbfounds me. But I do not like to eat cake...

except that I can not help thinking that this would make a great cake and I would love to sink my fang teeth into this one.

I would also like to make this Kurbissehaus (pumpkin house) with craft materials for submission for next years Somerset issue.

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