Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ta Daaaaa!

I am so excited. Finally have some cards in print! And they are so nice... like professional printed Hallmark. But more reasonably priced. The cards are a matte finish. Postcards are glossy. The way I did these won't work for mailing. I didn't want to mail them. I wanted to just be able to hand out some postcards with a clever note on the back.
And I intend to embellish the postcards. But today I have some jewelry to design and get in the bag. I start a secondary job tomorrow so I want to be in bed at a descent time. Stayed up to late anticipating working on some cool new projects. And playing with this monster of a machine. In tech terms I am behind the keyboard of a hot rod. And just like with cars... its a little more machine than I can handle.

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