Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Resurrection, Remembrance & Immortality


Yeah... still on a pomegranate and peacock theme. I've added poppies to the mix. I  don't normally do florals and the frustration I am experiencing is a tangible reminder of why I don't do florals. However, the symbolic meaning of each of these things is worth the trials and tribulations. Hopefully there will be a jubilant end.

Given the experience of the past few years this is such an appropriate art journey to be on. The peacock and the pomegranate, with the multiple seeds and the multiple eye feathers they represent fertility and in many places good luck. The alternate meaning behind these symbols is of resurrection.

The peacock because the eye feathers constantly replenish themselves in the molting process. And the pomegranate because of its regenerative properties. Almost everything that has a multitude of seeds comes to represent resurrection. And both of them represent immortality. The fruit for the same reason... the many seeds. But the peacock has a legendary ability... (one I wouldn't want to test) its flesh doesn't spoil. Kings of Europe and Asia feasted on peacock meat to lengthen their reigns.
The poppy, besides being known for inducing drug addled stupors, is a symbol of remembrance. It is the symbol of the fallen for Memorial day. My assumption is that the fields of France where the Norman invasion occurred were covered with poppies. I've found several paintings of Lombardic fields red with the blossoms.

Since I liked how the Christmas painting came out, I thought I would try the basic layout again but with some twists. The drawing took forever. I am tempted to enroll in some drawing classes for some refreshing and some invigorating competition, the process really takes too long for my liking. And it is not as much the hands not cooperating (keep dropping the pencils) so much as it is the lack of practice. Which I need a little competition to keep me motivated. Of course it could be that I keep trying to do things beyond my skill level. Which while that means that I am going to grow. It also means that I am potentially going to have to redo this one.

But so far... so good.
And in a few days I am looking forward to getting my shipment of Michelle Ward stencils which includes poppy stencils. I can't wait.

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