Monday, February 11, 2013


Painting is a slow going process. We have had such dark days lately that I just can't manage to get more than a few minutes at the easel. The sun has been a rather dodgy character lately. It's kind of frustrating. But in the mean time I am absorbing some new music with wonderful imagery that should yield some great results.

In the meantime I do have an artistic conundrum of my own to handle. I believe a website is selling my Italian vase on Blue without my compensation or credit. if you see this around the internet... it is mine and I'd like to know.

This was one of my Gramma's things. It sat on a shelf in the dining room with some object d' arte that were prettier. I kinda hated it when I was a kid. Maybe I mentioned this before. Anyway... after the grandparents were gone it sat on mom's shelves unused, covered in dust and rather loathed. But she would not get rid of it because of her insane belief that everything old is worth money. And I hated it more as a teenager.
But when I got to college and started looking at art processes more closely, having tried a few different kinds of things, then my ideas about it changed. The technical difficulty of getting two items essentially made of mud to stick together is well... let's just say if it doesn't involve a plasma coil and multi phasic transducers Mr. Scott couldn't make it happen. Pottery is a pain in the ass.

And as for watercolor. It was the only thing that I could find in the house with enough character to make learning how to paint fun. Challenging. But fun. So when the last of the parents were gone it was mine. And it is one of the few things left that I would not be willing to get rid of ever. Partly because of Gramma. And almost entirely because this is a damn good painting for a beginner. 2003 or 2004 I want to say. When I dig it out of storage I will let you know.

On a lark I though that I would have it printed for 40.00 only to find out that the coupon was no longer valid. And not only that it was automatically generated in an add. And the add will take you to the site to by this. It doesn't credit me. But you can buy it. Talk about angry.

I've written 3 scathing letters. Apparently I haven't been a big enough bitch.

That will change.

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