Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Accidents Can not Always Become Squirrels

I hate to contradict the man of legend in PBS info-tainment, but accidents are not always happy and you can not always make them into squirrels or the happy little places that those critters like to live. At least I can't since I don't paint with Bob Ross's brushes. And I have had the most unfortunate of accidents. Fellow bloggers know not to click on random links on the status pages. For the most part, if your links have a lot of weird random characters instead of "real" letters, it probably links to spam. And if you click on it you will get inundated with spammy links and they will take over your status pages so you will never know who really is reading your blog.

If I hover and right click I can pull up a properties menu, cut and paste from there and investigate a link in another window without screwing up blogger too much. So what happens if you accidentally click on the link and not the menu hovering over the link? Yes. Spam. And maybe something uglier and nastier than the electronic version of poor folk food. Ugh.....

I assume that is why I am very popular in Morocco and Turkey these days. But the good news is the each day for the last week the count for those fake sight readings continues to drop off. So, while blogger cleans up my mess for me and we wait for those people of questionable manners and unconscionable tactics get bored waiting for me to mess up again I leave you with a musical interlude.


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