Sunday, July 21, 2013

Itching to Work

All of this retrospective unboxing is all well and good. But I am itching to get started on the new work. I keep telling myself I need an uncluttered start so that I can dig in and get messy. But... I found two of my favorite tools and now they are nagging at me to get to it.

I've had word that a new album is coming not this fall but by next. And Sting is releasing a new one in September. I really need to get the work out that Unendlich has inspired before there is new stuff to muddle the senses. Well... they don't get muddled as in confused. But muddled as in changed. Unendlich and Unverwundbar have been the Albums for this Summer. Last Summer it was Reim 3.

This Summer it is Unendlich.... the "we will go on", "for King and Country" and "these are the shapes of my soul" kinds of songs while Unverwundbar is the "everyday armor" I've been wearing so that I do not get duped again. Unverwundbar is a rockin' metaphor of Ephesians 6. I would not go so far to say that singing these songs like a talisman against false security is EXACTLY like wearing the "Full Armor of God" (maybe Indy should go looking for that next). But it is close in sentiment.

And with this music there is a certain color scheme that comes with it. While I am feeling the colors, sensing the lyrics as it applies to this time in my life, the time of hearing, I need to be working. I don't know why  I am hung up on the mess. I will thoroughly destroy the studio space while working anyway. It's part of the artistic frenzy. But I suppose I need the space to start clean so that my mind is clean. If only it didn't smell so much like a basement!

It looks like the next few weeks are going to be busy. I've got canvases to splash with paint and a print company in town to find. I swear that place is as hard to find on purpose as an entrance into Narnia!

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