Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Media indeed

So now that I know where I can play and do a reasonably good job adjusting the real world art that didn't exactly turn out as I hoped it would to make something much better in the digital realm.... well I think that I am going to get a reasonably good base of work to sell as prints.

Steal this and I will have to send something menacing after you....

The brilliant thing about digital is that I can keep the original hard copy that I am actually terrified of modifying in real life and muck about as much as I want to amending it until I find something that I really like and would be more than happy to offer as prints.
I had intended to trim around the petals and leaves at the side to force some creative matting. Either I have talked myself out of such a complicated brewhaha though it would make a stunning framed piece. Or.... I realized that there is not enough cutout material available to make it really work the way I envisioned. I am not sure which is more likely. And I am having a hard time justifying the cost of printing (even a lowly photocopy) to play with the concept just yet. Add to that the embellishments that I envisioned going onto this are not exactly available yet.... I have to find a way to generate my own. And well.... this has been stuck in the "now what?" queue for a while.
Enter picmonkey. And now I have something a lot closer to what I originally envisioned. The embellishments are not precisely what I want. But the beauty of digital is that I can work it without worrying about recreating the base water color painting. Whoo hoo!
So as far as print costs go: To get the cheapest print cost I have to supply the digital file exactly as I would have it appear in print. If they photograph it and do a couple of tweaks it is 60.00. If they photograph it and spend the amount of time it takes to make it EXACT to the original then it is 125.00. I don't have that kind of start up. But.... I do like the way that this has turned out. And I would not mind having this as a print. I feel like it needs a bit more tweaking. But I now know that I can have what I was looking for and I can start at the cheap prices and start making money sooner.
This is a very popular piece. I have three people who want the original, two will settle for the print. So it is a good start. But I want to be able to let the original go without hassling the new owner for a trip to the printers.
And let's be honest. I am a bit scared to even attempt to price these things. I still am scared of actually getting paid to do this.
Everyone else gets paid to do what they love. There is no reason that I should not be paid for it as well. Just gotta get those damn voices in my head to shut up for a few months. :)

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