Monday, October 14, 2013

Easter Eggs

Again: lots of layers. And here is the thing that you want to keep in mind while using picmonkey. When you apply several layers at once, you will want to use merge function after the second or third layer. LOVE THESE LAYERS: you will NOT be able to go back and edit them once they have been merged..

I applied several textures and erased everything over the green bowl each time. Then I merged. I added more layers and this time erased the bowl and the pale background at the top so that I could keep it looking like real marble. Then merged. Next applied the texture that is the cracked marble, keeping it only over the three center eggs. Added a pink splotchy texture that looked like a scraped polaroid film )sorry, I can not remember the name of this one). Merged. Then a layer of cosmic dust. Merge. Then I did another marble layer, leaving it right over where I put it before. I can not explain why this added more depth to the cracks in the big egg... but it is truly happiness to see it look authentically cracked AND mottled.

The tricolored overlays? Pick an overlay, decide the size, duplicate it several times. Place an overlay, make it your bright color (highlight) then lay another one over it, chose a mid-tone, erase the mid-tone layer where you want to see highlights, lay the darkest layer over the top and erase from the dark layer everything else. This will reveal previous layers and give the effect of being reasonably well planned to be realistic. I think it was most successful on the egg to the right.

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