Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pacioli in San Sepolcro

My favorite part of art class in college was the art history. I learned so many things that I did not know that I wanted to know. And the fun parts were about typography and how the fonts were made. My favorite font is Fritz Quadrata. Fra Luca Pacioli is primarily responsible for figuring out how early Romans chiseled letters into their buildings using the Golden Mean and disseminating that information. Pacioli's formulas helped daVinci (which might be an overstatement, collaboration may be more accurate) break down the Vetruvian Man.
He grew up in San Sepolco, a north Umbrian town southeast of Florence, returning periodically as life got a little weird for him. I developed the ink drawing as a stamp idea in school to commemorate Pacioli's typographic contributions. Then of course I've added layers of textures, text and designs.

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