Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It Needs a Name

I am definitely more comfortable altering my own artwork rather than actual photographs. This one took a lot longer than I was anticipating. But I love this. And I am working up a tutorial for it. That is part of what took so long. I stopped to save at several spots so that there was a large sample of shots to select from.

The other benefit to several saves is that I can pick a stage and alter it in several different ways without starting from square one. For instance, if I decide that violet was the wrong edging for this I can go back a stage and change that.

This is based on the sacral chakra painting that I did several years ago. Normally I like to add in words... you know, to keep up connected to the stamping roots. At this stage words seem wrong. I don't know why. The original has words. This, because it is in a tone opposite the original in the color wheel, maybe doesn't need words to emphasize the point while keeping with the theme of differences.

Of course.... I am not limited to the original concept of the painting with this much alteration.

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