Thursday, February 20, 2014

Xanadu online with Artsala

The bio is written, a pic still has to be taken for a proper bio. But you guys already know who I am. It is for the great unmet masses that I need to have some kind of identifier. And I should do a little bit of clean up around here to get ready for what I hope will be a few hits from the site now that I am live... so to speak.

So here it is.... the place to buy.

I will figure out how to make a button to take you there. But for now there is only this link. And the thought that maybe I should move this thing to wordpress. But for now... I am here. So we shall remain.

By the by... if there is anything here that I've done that you think would make a great print, let me know. I like a lot of the digital work that I have done. But I don't know yet about the marketability of such things.

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