Sunday, May 17, 2015

Photo Group

It looks like art photography is going to be a thing for me for a while. In part due to a lack of studio space and patience for a long project. Also due in part to the ease with which digital photography allows art to be made. I've been quite the shutterbug of late.

And to encourage my subjects to come to me, I am helping to do up the yard. If I am to be close to home then I am going to enjoy it. That means a bird bath, flowers, and a small investment in feed and feeders.

Also, I have been invited to participate in an online group at Google+. is a collaborative group that hosts competitions within the groups and also puts together books for charities. I was invited by the co-founder and have entered a Black and white competition. We'll see at the end of the month if I will get anywhere with it. So far the one photograph has gained 30 +ups. A far sight more than my artwork or blog posts ever get.

Anyway, these are the blossoms on the flowering crab outside my bank. I've taken out most of the color and tinted it toward the sage end of the spectrum/ I thought about adding a soft blur to the photo but I rather like how it's come out. Except for the one cartoony blossom near the bottom. Hmm.... might have to go back and play with that some.

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