Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Inspired by Childhood

When we were kids we had gotten a bunch of Fisher Price play sets. When I got the Castle for Christmas my sister got the Village.

The village set opened up to reveal the interiors of each shop on the street sides. The halves could be configured so that they faced each other to create the effect of a real street. The fire station sat at one end of the set and a theater/restaurant stood at another. Back in 1976 those sets had retained a lot of the character of decorating themes that were popular with the parents. The theater retained Victorian charms. It always fascinated me, not enough to want to be a theater major but enough to be enamored of this theater in Grand Rapids the second that I saw it.

It also is the perfect venue for this filter effect.  I just needed to change the wording on the marquee to reflect something closer to the toy than the brick and mortar building.

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