Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I will have to seize the moment. OfficeMax has a notebook for 400.00. even if I have to buy the software in 2 months and buy a case it is going to be more affordable than trying to buy onefrom the local guys. Iwish it weren't so. I really like the local computer guys. They promise me good tutorial help. ButI just can't afford all 800.00 up front. I have to be able to be online more easily than I am. I could be hooked up by Friday. I wouldn't need my brother's help. I would have... as the titiel suggests, autonomy.

I faster I get copy writing the happier I'll be. Oh the hotel is great for what it is. But it will never get me where I want to be. And I love to write. It is the gate to a world I have seen in visions. Besides... I can't be scared of these stupid things forever. i an go anywhere to do what Ineed to do with a laptop in my... um... lap. Why does that not sound as I intended?

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